According to the statistics maintained by the Promoter App, Circulets got 31 mentions and 8 reviews in the press. In these critic reviews, we averaged a positive 83% score, while our user ratings on mobile stores is 93% (24 global reviews on the Apple App Store) and 89% (23 global reviews on the Google Play Store)


Here is a small round up of all the exciting press that has happened about Circulets, since launch in May this year. Follow the links with each quote to read the whole article:

  • Ford Seewus, “…it’s like a new form of Rock, Papers, Scissors when you need to make quick decisions between friends…”
  • Hans Gogia, “…the urge to get more and more circles to our pit makes it very addictive…”
  • Helbert Rocha, “Já é divertido só de assistir. Agora imagine você lá. Ação!”
  • IGN, “…you did not tell me green is a bonus, i’d have gone for it!…”
  • Ishaan Arya, “If you are looking for a great local multiplayer game then I recommend giving Circulets a try.”
  • Kartik Mudgal, “…it’s something that you’ll fall in love with at a first glance. I know I did.”
  • NT Balanarayan, “…it’s so easy to play, that I won’t be surprised if it climbs up to the top 10 of the paid apps list…”
  • Parth Bagaria, Hyderabad Chronicle: “Circulets is a an extremely enjoyable game to play with family and friends. Its simplicity will attract players of all ages.”
  • Prasad, “…one of the best two-player games available on mobile right now. It’s simple, fun, looks good and at just $0.99, is quite cheap…”
  • Preshit Deorukhkar, “I’ve been playing with friends and it has been a lot of fun. They get used to the game very quickly and start enjoying it even sooner.”
  • Saher Ali, “Circulets is a great way to have fun with your family and friends, is simple and easy to play and keeps you entertained without stressing you out.”
  • Sameer Desai, “…is a unique two-player tabletop game for touch devices…”
  • Sidharth Beckaya, “…for anyone who wants to have some fun and most productive way to sort out arguments…”
  • Spanner Spencer, “It’s an intensely simple game, but the action is as furious as any FPS or beat-’em-up.”
  • Ujjwal Kumar, “…a really great game you can enjoy with your friends…”
  • Varun Verma, Pune Mirror: “Highly recommended if you’re looking for an interesting few minutes with your pals.”
  • Post Mortem by Kinshuk Sunil, “ an easy-to-learn family game designed for interactions between the players and includes a lot of playfulness..”
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