Hashstash is a month old already and we are branching out into a series of initiatives. Work is going pretty strong on our first title and we will soon engage into a number of marketing initiatives for which we need you – The uber-awesome marketing intern.

What should you have?

A passion for games. You should live, breathe, eat, drink games. You should not be able to complete a valid sentence in English without a couple of game references.

You should also have a fair understanding of the English language; should be proficient in written and spoken English.

You should be active on some social networks and gaming communities. Yes, we need to see that happen.

You should be able to create order out of chaos and can work in an environment that changes daily.


What would you do?

You mean other than have fun? You’ll sell your soul to us and in return work with gaming communities and empower indie developers (including us) in promoting their games, making some money, and staying alive.

Engage in social media marketing for all Hashstash initiatives and maybe we’ll share some of our hash with you (Just kidding, we love to smoke all our hash in front of newbies and not share).

In process, you might be able to play some part in our game development process too. Yeah, sure! We know you are awesome, just don’t touch the code, ok?


Where would this all happen?

Why of course the Internet. But just because it happens on the Internet doesn’t mean that its not real. It is. Extremely real. We’ll pinch you if you fall asleep. Promise!

You will spend a considerable time at our premises in East Delhi, so be prepared for that.


How to Apply?

Send an email to kinshuk at hashstash dot in. Include the following:

  • Subject of the email must have “[Intern]”, without the quotes obviously
  • Your cover letter (if you have one)
  • Your Linked In resume (you are supposed to make one)
  • Your gamertags
  • Links to your profiles on some social networks
  • Answers to the following questions:
    • What would have happened if Mario couldn’t save the princess?
    • What if Tim was not the monster?
    • What came first: the chicken or the egg?



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Bless us and wish us best.
Team Hashstash

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