You must have heard of Humble Bundle. A Pay what you want discount bundle for Desktop and Android. Similarly, IndieRoyale, Indie Game Stand, GoG Bundles, and many others. What has been common in all of them? No one touched iOS. It was as if the iOS plaltform was hinterland for indie game bundles.

The situation was grim until Thumb Arcade came along, with a tiny little wand and some hocus pocus. Lo and behold, the Thumb Arcade Indie Game Bundle for iPhone (and iPad too). The bundle offers ten indie games, including award winners and games featured by Apple, with a total retail value of USD 23.90, but is available on sale at a discounted price of USD 5.

Lets do some maths here:

  • Games: 10
  • Retail price: USD 23.90
  • Sale Price: USD 5
  • Discount: 79%
  • In effect, price per game: USD 0.50

And it all works through your iTunes account (which ensures that you will recieve all future updates and upgrades to the games). Ain’t that delicious?

So which are these 10 games?

  • Origin8’s critically acclaimed and popular sci-fi tower defense game – Sentinel 3: Homeworld
  • Glitch Game’s extraordinaire adventure game – Forever Lost: Episode 1
  • Our very own local multiplayer Circulets, winner of the Most Inovative game award at Casual Connect Asia 2013
  • OneEyeAnt’s self-confessed most ridiculous tower defense game ever – Kill the Clowns
  • Takeout Arcade’s beautiful castle defense game with a wicked twist – Dragon Siege
  • Wolf Studio’s addictive crossword game – War of Words
  • Mkt Virtual’s innovative and funny – Fruits’n Tails
  • F5 Game’s block matching game – IncrediBlox
  • Danny Ben Shitrit’s vivid cartoon-style arcade adventure – Chicks Ahead

So what are you waiting for?

Start buyin’
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