Earth Hour is an annual initiative since 2007, organised by WWF globally, where we all contribute towards saving our planet by switching off all electrical appliances in our homes and offices for an hour. Doing this for just an hour saves power in many megawatts across the globe, which in turn saves thousands of trees from being consumed for generating electricity. This results in lesser pollution and less climate change. Just switching off our electrical appliances for an hour is not going to stop Climate Change, but the awareness and understanding that such gesture brings to the grassroots is not just appreciable but also very needed.

Switch Off your appliances tomorrow on March 25th from 8.30-9.30pm and support the Earth Hour 2017 Initiative.

For the occasion, we partnered with WWF India and enabled the Earth Hour 2017 initiative with a fun and engaging game that will hopefully make the message more approachable for millions of Indians tomorrow.

Play as Varsha or Prithvi, the environment champions, and battle against the evil Powertron, who wants to steal our electricity and rule the planet. Stop its minions as they steal our electricity and make themselves more powerful. Compete with other players, take climate change pledges and fulfill them to score high on the leaderboard and win exciting prizes.

Thanks to Woodlands, Myntra, and Inox for partnering with the initiative to give away prizes to folks who compete and win on the leaderboard.

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