Economic Times did a story about the surge in interest in making games that is currently happening in India following on the hype that a few game development companies have managed to make after raising huge investments in the space. In a round up of how the industry is shaping up, they spoke to us about the challenges and opportunities that exist for independent game developers in the country:

In addition, piracy and the existing payments infrastructure are a worry to entrepreneurs such as Kinshuk Sunil, as purchasing digital products via credit cards is still a new concept in India. Sunil’s New Delhi based Hashstash has created four games. Compared with legitimate purchases, there have been five times as many downloads of pirated versions. And for good reason.

The three year-old company’s game Circulets was recognised in the Best Casual Game category at the BestAppEver awards last year, just two places behind the winner Candy Crush Saga. “There is enough international critical acclaim. But there is no money,” said Kinshuk, 30, an MBA graduate from the Shri Ram College of Commerce.

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