Splash Damage: Survive if you Can

Splash Damage: Survive if you can

Splash Damage is an arcade, platforming game, where two pools of liquids want you to drown. If you touch the liquids, your weight changes making it difficult to move. Use crazy platforming skills to stay alive as long as you can. How long will you survive?

Only things you can survive on are the platforms that keep coming. So jump from one platform to another or fall and perish. As you meet the challenges thrown at you by the game, you unlock (and upgrade) power-ups that will help you survive, just a bit more. This game is easy to learn, difficult to master.

How long can you survive in this difficult world?

If you love platforming games like Super Meat Boy, you will definitely love the crazy bits of platforming in this game. Don’t forget to take a leap of faith, when all hope is lost.

Best played on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPad Air 2. This is the game that your latest Apple devices deserve (we push the devices to the limit with the advanced, and never-seen-before realistic liquids within the game).

Try not to drown in Splash Damage, an intense action arcade game…


“…challenging, fast paced, addictive and skilful, and will keep you coming back till to nail that high score…”

Sahil Arora

iLL Gaming