December is here. With it is the time to take stock of 2015 and figure out the best games of the Year. SlideDB (the mobile member of the IndieDB family) has announced its App of the Year 2015 awards.

They are collecting user votes on the games listed in their directory to decide the Top 50 games of the year, out of which the App of the Year will then be selected.

We released Splash Damage: Survive if you Can this January, when it was also featured in 105 countries on the App Store. And we are now competing for the App of the Year 2015. Huerons, as you may remember, was the 4th place holder in SlideDB’s App of the Year 2014. We need your help in taking Splash Damage to the Top 50. So, don’t wait. Go cast your vote and help us get nominated. Vote Now.

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