Like we already announced, the next game that we are working on is called Splash Damage (not to be confused with the awesome game developers with the same name). We also showcased the game, recently, at Casual Connect Asia 2014 and got a lot of feedback on how the game plays right now and the directions it can take in future.

We are now opening up the game, for want of a better word, for Early Access. These are extremely early days and the game is not polished at all, but we are sharing builds of the game and getting feedback on how it plays. It can be very clunky and cumbersome to play, but we plan to release updates every fortnight with latest snapshots of the game.

Also, because, we are stretching the limits of particle physics and visual effects on mobile devices, we are interested in seeing how the game performs on different devices. As of now, the game is slated to be an iOS exclusive.

Head over to this thread on Touch Arcade forums, where we are sharing promo codes (for redeeming the game) and recording feedback. Take a promo code, play the game and give us feedback. It will all be used to make our best game yet for mobile devices.

Thanks for helping us out!

Touch Arcade thread about Splash Damage

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Psst: we will be very active in replying on Touch Arcade forums, than anywhere else.

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