Over the last few months, we had been hard at work along with the talented team at Hike Messenger to bring over Huerons to the popular messenger app. Huerons is a minimalistic, grid-based puzzle game for the mobile platform, which we released in late 2014 with Bulkypix. Huerons had gone on to be SlideDB’s 4th Game of the Year for 2014.

Last year, the Hike Messenger had introduced a games app within their messenger app, using which players could play many games like Solitaire and Word Rush. And now you can play Huerons within the messenger. Starting early last week, Huerons was made available to all users on Hike and you can now download the game inside the Games app within the messenger!

Huerons on Hike Messenger

This new version of the game comes with 125 new levels, including some fan favorites from the previous game. We have simplified the gameplay and only included only the first five huerons from the original game, to begin with. More updates are expected soon.

Download the game today and have fun, folks! Share with your friends, ask for hints and give them hints too! And while you are at it, do let us know if you like the new levels too.


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