Its been rather quiet at our end for the last few months. For many reasons. I’d like to throw some lights on them.
We returned from Bangalore in April with a broken company and broken spirits, and then tried making sense of our running scenarios and figure out the best foot forward. Chronologically, then:


May saw a lot of activity from us on Zap. Needless to say that we are very pleased with the fruits of our labor. Yes, many factions in this world criticized the game a lot (honestly, we don’t think its pretty solid as well), but it came out at a time when Hashstash needed to publish a game. And its been a success for us (on all the metrics we set for it).

We got good reviews from our players. A lot of people appreciated the effort that went into making Zap what it is. The game has been performing very consistently (no, we aren’t seeing huge traction on it but that’s because we never got the word out. Zap has had almost no PR). It was an eye-opener about how the Play Store works. We had our own nifty tweaks and moments!

Allow me to be frank, we know Zap has issues (defects or flaws, as you may call it). It was simply a stitch in time for us and it has indeed saved us another nine. We always had plans for an update to come about and fix a lot of these issues, add some more new stuff et al. We still have those plans. But then, June, July and August happened!


Mayank, Varun and Yadu focused on their colleges and semester examinations and the whole month was spent on it. Meanwhile, I took time off and went on a much needed family vacation in Pune.

Mayank returned from his college with severe health issues. An infected kidney followed by a liver failure due to medicinal side effects. He still has his jaundice and that is taking its worst toll on Hashstash.


So while Yadu was back in action, Mayank was recuperating. There were no hopes for him to get back to action anytime soon. Which meant the update on Zap will have to wait. It also meant that Hashstash could not get into any new development. All this time, Yadu focused on the Trivial Stack and kept pushing it forward, everything else came to almost a halt.

Meanwhile, we faced the worst hack attacks on our server in this month. Our web assets were down for a full 22 days due to repeated hacks and our inability to spend time fixing it. We finally had to nuke the server. As much as we like to think about being a prestigious target, I think we were far more stupid as far as web security was concerned or that someone really hates us. Going by some feedback on Zap that might very well be true. (Nah! Just kidding!)

To make good on this time, we went forward and decided to take care of some of our backlogs. Around June end we applied for company registration and on July 25 2012, we became Hashstash Studios Private Limited. It was a sweet, funny feeling. And was worth almost all the bizarre running around that was involved with it.

Since then we also got a Windows Phone publisher license, and we are looking forward to Windows 8 with glee.


In July, we also started pitching for some Services contracts. Since, we could not spend any more time on developing our own products (until Mayank returns hale and hearty), some sustenance will not only be good, but needed. A lot of these pitching started showing fruition in August, to good effect as well.

We also made some changes to how we were working as a company. We folded in Ctrl Alt Delhi and Gamer on the Move within Hashstash, while InGDIn is on its way in. We want to be sure with what we want to achieve with these, before we commit to their future.

The Next Few Months

We are focusing a lot on our sustenance and efficiency these days. The objective by the end of 2012 is to turn into a green and healthy company, with enough sustenance to keep us pushing forward and create opportunities for better future products.

We are also revitalizing our two main web assets: Hashstash and InGDIn. You will see both of them jumping up, coming alive and becoming far more relevant to their contexts.

There is a new BYOG coming up. We plan to make it awesome-r this time. Lots of major changes will be happening on InGDIn in this time period as well. Some, we expect, will draw us a lot of flak too. But, they are needed none the less.

Yadu will have something interesting to announce around November, and hopefully, I will follow up in December.

Oh and about the post title, hear hear:

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