Happy Holidays! Wish you have loads of fun with friends and family at Christmas and on New Year. We also wish that the new year be a happy and prosperous new year for everyone. Remember to love and be loved. Have fun.

We figured that the happy occasions of Holidays will be a good opportunity to make a lot of announcements. First things first, We are moving our workplace to a bigger and better haven from Mayur Vihar to Noida. The new place is as crazy as we are and we will soon have more pictures and videos to share as we move in.

Then of course, is an update on Zap the Knight. Since, we announced ZTK in October, we have gone really quite on it. For a simple reason – there was not much too say. There were some really troublesome issues with getting into the Apple Developer Program and a weird bug with the tech stack we had deployed for Android. Scary thing is they are still being resolved. But the good news is that we were able to take out some time and build ZTK for Windows Phone 7. Yes! The game will now come out for all the three smartphone platforms. And this break also proved successful in adding some fun elements to the game, which make Zap all the more awesome. So, when are we releasing it? Very soon! The moment we resolve some logistical issues. Promise! Meanwhile, keep following ZTK on Facebook for news, updates and surprises.

If you have been following our activities on the social web very keenly, chances are you have already seen some references about a Facebook game we are working on flying here and there. Today, we think, is the perfect moment to announce Social Corporations. Social Corporations is a social business board game – think of social monopoly. But, we are making some real nice innovations on our Facebook integration end. The game will feature elements that you have never seen on Facebook. Heck! We are writing a complete new pipeline just to make that happen. SC is a very exciting game, as far as we can tell, and it is very difficult for me to keep my mouth shut and wait for the opportune moment when to talk about it. But keep watching out for Social Corporations, it will be fun.

And the last update I have to make today is a series of developer-services we have been working on. In a way they were required within our games so we wrote them and after we release the games we are working on, we will be making these services more generic and developer friendly and releasing them. In house, we refer to all these as TrivialTech and for now they are three – Trivial Engine, Trivial Analytics and Trivial Sense. Trivial Engine is a game development framework written in C++ and it will make prototyping new game ideas and upscaling them for cross-platform deployments very easy. Trivial Analytics is a scoring, monitoring, analysis and reporting subsystem that would help developers really leverage social. Trivial Sense is a social semantics engine that helps in making sense of all social data and develop insightful apps. More about these services will soon come out. Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter channels and keep following this website for updates.

Phew! That feels good. Being able to tell you all this. You can very well imagine now the ride the last 6 months have been for Hashstash.  Indeed. We wanted a fun way to tell you about this ride and Yadu (our Basement Cat, Ninja Neko and Guru) went on and made a pack of some real fun wallpapers that clearly exhibit the various emotions of our game development life. When working on a game, the developer goes through all of these emotions – the elations and the depressions, the rejections and the love. Everything. Its an integral part of our game development life cycle. It an integral part of our lives and every single day.

You can find these wallpapers for download below and on our Facebook album. Feel free to share them – all these wallpapers are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, Share Alike license.

Download the Complete Pack as a Zip Archive
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