Last year, thanks to your support and appreciation, Circulets won the third place for Best Casual Game at the BestAppEver Android Awards. And it was the honorable mention for Most Innovative Game and App. But that was Android. And 2014.

Since, Circulets we went on to release more games. In 2014, we released Huerons (puzzle) with Infinite Eurekas and Bulkypix. In 2015, we released Splash Damage (arcade), all by ourselves, and it was exclusive to iOS. For Splash Damage we had a nice first week, when the game was featured by Apple over 105 countries – pretty much all of Europe and Asia.

And now it is time for BestAppEver (iOS) Awards 2015

All of the three games mentioned above have been nominated in their respective categories and now need your vote for the final leg.

Splash Damage is nominated for Best Arcade Game, along with Super Hexagon, VVVVVV, Super Crate Box, and Shellrazer. We get giddy just by seeing our game in that list. With your vote, we stand a chance to finish in the finalists!

Vote for Splash Damage

Huerons has been nominated for Best Puzzle Game, along with Threes, Trainyard Express, Candy Crush Saga, Perfect Paths, Scribblenauts, Cut the Rope 2, and The Room Two. Wow! Every vote that you cast takes us closer to the finalists!

Vote for Huerons

Circulets is nominated for Best Family Game, along with Spaceteam, Monopoly, Draw Something, Fingle and Scrabble. It is some heady competition. Your favorite game needs a little more love from you. Vote now!

Vote for Circulets


You can vote for as many games as you like, as many times as you like. So go trigger happy! Don’t be shy now 🙂

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