We have always lived in a free and open world – equal, just and liberal. And we have strong roots in the open ecosystem. We love Open Source. Since, we started thinking of creating Hashstash, we kept thinking of how will we go open source. We created multiple models for the same, some multi-tiered complex process or some devilishly simple strucures but none pleased us.

What we have decided now is a two-fold open source policy, subject to circumstances.

Every game that we release will be released as an open source project, two years from its date of publishing. All code will be released under the GPL 3 license and all game art and resources will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, Share-Alike license.

We understand that’s a huge promise, and here is how we want to reaffirm it to you: A game is a complex piece of software that builds upon a number of components. Whatever component is ours to claim, ones that we own and can open source, will be released as mentioned above. All third party stuff will remain as their owners choose to; sadly, we cant influence that.

Over time as we mature and understand the game development process better and understand our community better, we will keep revising this – our open source policy.

While that in itself is very inspiring, we have another ace up our sleeves! It so happens, every time we are approaching a game release, we think of a sales target, one that will satiate our greed for money sufficiently (Honestly, we will do that for the first time in the weeks to come).

We solemnly swear, the day we reach the sales target for a game, we will release it as open source (assuming the two year period is not complete yet, otherwise it will already be open source).

We are not really sure about how all of this will work out. The two year period, sales targets, open source licenses; each topic is an immense debate in itself. We don’t know how this exercise will turn out to be. But we are willing to take our chances and see how it works out for us and our community. Kudos!

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