Last year, Circulets competed for the BestAppEver Android awards and came out winning the third place for Best Casual Game (after Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans !!), and honorable mentions for Most Innovative App and Game. This year, it is Splash Damage‘s turn.

We need your help. We need your votes. Cast your votes to nominate Splash Damage in the following categories. We can compete in multiple categories, so please be kind with your votes for as many categories you agree with.

Best Retro Game

No points for guessing that we were trying to make the best possible retro game we could. Splash Damage features very beautiful 8 bit, pixel art and one of the most amazing chiptune tracks you might have heard lately. The game is very simple to play but like the best of games we are nostalgic about it, it is frustratingly challenging as well. We think we have done a very good job of making a retro game, we hope you think so too.

Nominate for Best Retro Game

Best Arcade Game

Quite like retro above, Splash Damage is a fun arcade game to play. It does not distract you from the single objective of surviving for as long as you can and competing with your friends (and the world) on the leader board. Fast paced, insanely chaotic and fun – that’s how we define Splash Damage.

Nominate for Best Arcade Game

Most Innovative Game

Not sure if you were able to notice amongst all the fast action and chaos on the screen – we have some of the most amazing liquids ever done on a mobile device in the world. Powered by Google’s Liquid Fun engine, these liquids are a class apart. And we spent (really spent) a lot of time getting them right and ensuring that these work flawlessly across all Apple devices available since 2013. If that is not innovation, we don’t know what is.

Nominate for Most Innovative Game

Best Music Game

Okay, maybe we don’t fit in this category directly. But we have one of the most amazing soundtracks made for a game. Authentic Chiptune, all the way. The talented team at 3Quavers spent quite a lot of time with FamiTracker (remember those old school chiptune makers that would work with audio frequencies directly), and they wrote the whole soundtrack note by note, frequency by frequency. We very strongly believe their hardwork needs all the appreciation possible in this world.

Nominate for Best Music Game

Most Innovative App

Tying up all of the above, and realizing that in the mobile world all games are apps, we feel we are justified to compete for the most innovative app as well. The sheer amount of new things that you see in the game commends itself, and we think its the beauty of our design – how subtly everything comes into play.

Nominate for Most Innovative App



But that is not all. While you are at it, Circulets (for iOS) and Huerons are also competing. And we need your love for them too.

Huerons: Best Puzzle Game

We spent a lot of time and effort, perfecting and building a mid-core, pure puzzle experience. And Huerons is the best of what we had to offer in that space. Since release, it has gone on to challenge and entertain thousands of players worldwide and earning much love in return. We believe Huerons is a good example of what puzzle games should be.

Nominate Huerons for Best Puzzle Game

Circulets: Best Family Game

Circulets was the game to play with your loved ones – family and friends, together. It was a heartwarming experience to listen to all the fun stories our players shared with us and the beautiful moments of sharing the game helped create in people’s lives. In our humble opinion, Circulets was the best family game ever made.

Nominate Circulets for Best Family Game



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