We have been talking about our journey quite a lot, lately, and a lot of it has been getting darker with time. There is now a silver lining I’d love to talk about.

6 months ago we started on a journey, fumbling through the dark tunnel, trying to build a casual mobile game that will be fun and engaging to play. Many times our hearts gave up. Many times we could not see the road ahead amidst the engulfing gloom. Many times we retraced our steps back and started afresh. But never, never did we give up on the dream.

The end of the tunnel is here, and we are stepping out into blinding light. And we discover evil pests swarming about us. It is time we zap them into oblivion.

Today, we are releasing our first game ever on the Google Play Store – Zap the Knight (Lite). The Lite version is an introduction to the franchise, the story and its characters. Its a window to an exciting world that will be. A simple, gestures based casual game that we hope will keep you engaged for a while and help you discover more of Zap the chameleon that steps up to save its beloved town of Nomoresad.

Get it now on the Google Play Store
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